Preparatory section

Thanks to the spirit of the mutual support and the concerted efforts of the administration, educational staff, students and parents, our school has obtained the quality and accreditation certificate for all stages in 2010/2011

Thanks God, the success was crowned by the renewal of the quality  and  accreditation certificate for the second time in 2018-2019

The school works hard to ensure quality education in order to promote the level of our dear students, driven by the desire and the hope to see its educational and instructive mission promoted and this to form a graduate who is characterized by the love of God, The homeland and all brothers and sisters without the slightest distinction

In this way our students will in turn be able to ensure the progress of society, the homeland and man


Building successive generations, enriched in both conduct and education, effective and interactive with the others, bearing  responsibility, able to challenge hardships for a better life, enjoying well balanced characters; GOD loving and loyal to their country

The Misson

To have training courses and debates to develop a teacher having the ability to achieve progress, based on a personal belief; a teacher who can share in a team work

The school assures the idea of democracy culture in making and carrying out a decision

Continuous professional development with the help of specialists in different fields to develop the educational organization

Getting full use of modern technology as a source of learning and using the progressive  educational methods, according to the national standards of  education

Encouraging creative and initiative innovation, self-expression and respect of the others through a right pedagogical climate 

Due care is given to find out and develop talents among the students polishing their skills  and leading them to serve the organization and the society through different school   activities

Class councils and parents’ meetings are held training them to develop the importance of discussion with their children leading them to acquire high values and virtues.

Common moral values are focused; citizenship and mutual love are deeply rooted

The student should be aware of the local society needs and is encouraged to participate in this field

Developing the students’ ability to follow scientific procedures to acquire communication skills, constructive criticism and self-evaluatio


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