kindergarten Stage

Thanks to the spirit of the mutual support and the concerted efforts of the administration, educational staff, students and parents, our school has obtained the quality and accreditation certificate for all stages in 2010/2011

Thanks God, the success was crowned by the renewal of the quality  and  accreditation certificate for the second time in 2018-2019

The school works hard to ensure quality education in order to promote the level of our dear students, driven by the desire and the hope to see its educational and instructive mission promoted and this to form a graduate who is characterized by the love of God, The homeland and all brothers and sisters without the slightest distinction

In this way our students will in turn be able to ensure the progress of society, the homeland and man


Building a conscious child, distinguished morally and scientifically, eager to learn, loving God and the homeland

The Mission

Providing an educational family of qualified teachers

Ensuring the ongoing professional development of the educational family

Treating the children properly and equally

Inculcating behavioral principles and spiritual values in children

Discovering the children’s talents and working on elevating their abilities and skills

Using modern methods of teaching and active learning

Encouraging the children to deal with modern technology

Encouraging the children to adapt to the surrounding environment by exercising various activities (artistic, sports, cultural, and social)

Activating the participation of the Parents and Trustees Council in exchanging views and making decisions

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