Preparatory section​

The educational goals of middle 

 Characteristics of goals

The goal should be realistic and can be achieved

The goal should be inclusive of all educational fields, mental, emotional and skillful

The goals should be measurable and evaluable

 Take into account the learner’s nature and cope with modern learning theories

 General goals

Developing a generation capable of observation and deduction to reach a logical conclusion

The ability to use modern scientific research tools and applications

Encouraging self-expression and giving an opportunity to actively participate in life activities

  Confidence in the student’s mental ability to deal with life’s problems

Presenting a normal personality to society capable of accepting others and respecting pluralism

Empowering public morals in the hearts of students and making them control their behavior and action

The stimulation of students to search for knowledge and accustom them to scientific tracking

 Preparing students to serve their community and develop fidelity to their school

  Building a personality capable of facing the future with an emphasis on the national cultural identity without fanaticism that rejects the development of global thought

 Preparing students to go on with her university education in order to achieve comprehensive development

 Taking care of outstanding students and providing an opportunity for talented ones to cultivate their talents and develop their capabilities

 Development of the appreciation of responsibility and work to ensure that the students realize their rights and duties

 Development of special skills and capabilities while providing students with the sense of taste for all kinds of arts

 Developing a living conscience to observe God in all her actions, to be reflected in her dealings with others

 Love of nature and the feeling of beauty in it, and constant thanking to God who made this beauty for preserving it