Primary section​

General goals for the primary stage

Psychological goals

Motivating self-confidence and giving freedom to   express opinion

Developing positive thinking

Raising the spirit of curiosity for students to learn 

Pedagogical goals

Developing linguistic skills while preserving the mother tongue Arabic

Developing the capabilities of the learner to read and write in all languages, especially the Arabic language 

Developing the scientific thinking method by linking, concluding, analyzing and criticizing

Caring about logical intelligence and other intelligences

Building a generation capable of research, innovation and digital learning

Connecting and integrating the senses to the educational process, especially the first educational stages

Taking into account individual differences and developing them

Social goals

 Instilling love for the homeland, religious values, etiquette and virtues

 Developing the culture of difference “acceptance of others

 Developing social awareness of the students, which includes solving problems and adapting to rapid changes

 Consolidating the relationship between the parents and the school

Cultural goals

Encouraging the exchange of different cultures

Expanding students ’perceptions to experimentation, exploration and love of adventure

Instilling a love of reading and knowledge

Getting to know the figures of influence in society