Kindergarten Stage

The Kindergarten stage is an essential step in their lives to ensure their academic success and the formation of their personalities

 Its main goal is to enhance students to go to school to learn and flourish their personalities. In order to achieve this great goal, the school seeks to achieve the following goals

Intellectual goals

Developing the child’s personality in order to be self-confident and creative

Be able to express herself and make decisions

Contributes to her intellectual development through educational or group games

Helping the child to recognize points of strength and weakness

Societal goals

Encouraging communication among children in the same way as it is among adults

Contributing to develop her community life, and respecting the rules of life

The goals of forming the child’s personality

Stimulating self-reliance and sense of responsibility

Promoting the development of the child’s self-confidence

 Encouraging the child to gain confidence in her abilities to interact and think. This helps her learn and succeed in life


Spiritual goals

The child acquires a moral conscience that allows her to understand, respect and share human values and the value of respect and responsibility

Developing linguistic skills while preserving the mother tongue (Arabic)

Developing the learner’s capabilities to read and write in all languages, especially the Arabic language.

Developing the scientific thinking method by linking, concluding, analyzing and criticizing

Interest in logical intelligence and other intelligences

Building a generation capable of research, innovation and digital learning

Connecting and integrating the senses to the educational process, especially the first educational stages

Taking into account individual differences and developing them

Social goals

Implanting love for the home, religious values, etiquette and virtues

Developing the culture of difference acceptance of others

Developing the students’ social awareness which includes solving problems and adapting to rapid changes

Consolidating the relationship between parents and school.

Cultural goals

Encouraging the exchange of different cultures.

Expanding students’ perceptions to experimentation, exploration and love of adventure

Implanting love of reading and knowledge

Identifying the influential figures in society


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